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 A Look At Clugh: 

Clugh motors was started to be a small company specializing in small motor research and development. Being an avid rc modeler and engineer I saw a need to create a place where scientific minded modelers and professionals can pass and share accurate information free of exclusive nationalist sites like Powercroco, Rc-line.de , and Rc-Network with purposeful inaccurate posting and staged events to push their friends products. 

https://www.rclineforum.de/forum/board125-antriebe-und-komponenten/board198-elektro-antriebe/board199-motoren/322226-im-westen-leuchtet-noch-ein-stern/index4.html#post4030197 .

An example of such censorship where truly accurate information from the ABB and IEEE is said to be spam by the uneducated site owner. There are also unfortunately US based sites with moderator supported members pushing similar far right racist rhetoric. The minorities are continually banned or humiliated online without moderate intervention. https://www.rcgroups.com/life-the-universe-and-politics-22/  These are just a few examples of social and technically worth less hobby forums that have decided regressive, right nationalist racism, and their friends personal desires need to be part of a global learning experience. Being a free thinking American minority,I disagree, the exclusive German nationalist and far right banter of such places is as offensive as it is wrong. At Clugh we examine the work of top level engineers, of all nationalities, all over the world contributing to this global education. Inspired by the IEEE  here at Clugh you will find an inclusive grouping of truly dedicated persons to the growth of technology, not exclusion or skewed radical nationalist views. The ruling minds there are clearly not in intelligent, positive, places so we created this place where the truly intelligent can enjoy new motor and drive themes of the next millennia. Free from the bounds of profit , radical social ideologies, and plain ignorance.